1. How long will my Hypnotic lashes last?

They will last from 3-5 weeks depending on how well you look after them and also depending on your lash regrowth. We strongly recommend you should come back for refills within 2-3 weeks from the first day of your full set/ refills.

2. What is the lash re-growth cycle?

Natural eyelashes grow and fall out every 60-90 days. On average we lose about 1-5 lashes per day.

3. How long does the application take?

It takes around 1.30-2 hours for a full set of classic lashes, and 2-3 hours for a full set of volume lashes(anywhere that offers a 30mins-1hr service might be clumping the lashes together which may damage your natural lashes)

4. What happens during my appointment?

You will have your eyelashes prepared which removes any oil, residue makeup.. The bottom lashes will be covered with vitamin enriched eye pads to prevent contact with and any glue. You have to remain with your eyes closed for the full procedure, which involves gluing individual eyelashes to your natural lashes one by one.

5. Will it damage my natural lashes?

No, unless you tug or pull on the lashes.

6. What products do you use for eyelash extensions?

We only use ‘Hypnotic lash extensions’, an Australian approved product that can only be applied by certified, trained professionals.

7. Can I have eyelash extensions if I have grey/ginger or very light eyelashes?

Yes you can, your lashes will not need to be tinted prior to having lashes applied.

8. How often will I have to have infills?

Depending on the rate of your lash growth cycle it can be anywhere between 2-3 weeks for classic lashes and Russian volume lashes.

9. What do I need to do before I come for my appointment?

You will need to remove all make-up and clean your face and eyelashes with an oil free make up remover. Do not wear moisturiser of any form prior to your appointment. Do not wear any mascara. Do not curl eyelashes as this may hinder application. Remove contact lenses.

10. Is there anyone that is NOT suitable for eyelashes?

Yes, cancer/chemotherapy recovery patients need to wait until 6 months after there last treatment, this is because the natural lash is too weak to support the Hypnotic individual eyelashes. Alopecia, lashes should only be applied once lash growth has resumed. Trichotillomania (A impulsive disorder characterised by the urge to pull out eyelashes and other hair).

11. Could I go blind?

No, when applied by a qualified lash technician it is completely harmless, furthermore you will have your eyes closed for the whole process.

12. Are eyelash extensions safe when pregnant?

Generally speaking, eyelash extensions are a safe and non-invasive cosmetic procedure -Etylash uses a high-quality, low fume adhesive which is manufactured specifically for cosmetic use near the eye, and the adhesive does not actually ever touch your skin – as the extensions are glued to the eyelash hairs. Allergic reactions to the adhesive are very rare (1 in several thousand) and when they do present, are easily treated. In saying this, we do not recommend that pregnant women who have never had eyelash extensions before test out the procedure during their pregnancy. The reasons are two-fold – firstly, the lash extension procedure requires you to lay flat on your back for over one hour; a position that is not recommended for women in the advanced stages of pregnancy. It also requires that you lie quite still – which can be hard if you’re heavily pregnant! Secondly, if you were unlucky enough to have an allergic reaction, your doctor may not be able to give you the required treatment due to your pregnancy, prolonging the reaction. However – if we have been doing your lashes here at EtyLash and you become pregnant, there’s no problem continuing with the extensions – just let us know so that we can make sure you are comfortable at all times!