Invest in yourself
Refresh, renew....rejuvenate!
Invest in yourself
Refresh, renew....rejuvenate!
You will look more beautiful eyes when come with Etylash.
Everyone’s eyes are unique and not all the same. Etylash will decide on what lengths, curls and designs how suited your eyes.
Furthermore, We hand made all of Volume fan during treatment, for improved lash health and long retention, and the softest lash feel.


Lulu Machete

Love EtyLash. I’m a devotee after either paying way too much or getting substandard lashes, it nice to find a technician who does an amazing job at a reasonable price.

Sarah Mah

After trying a handful of Lash artists I’ve finally found my favourite place to get my lashes done. Ety always does a great job and thoroughly cleans and cares for my lashes. Very friendly and has fast response times too!

Marina Martiniti

Couldn’t be happier! � My first time getting lash extensions done and I was super nervous. Ety was gentle and professional (I even had a nap during my appointment haha) and my lashes look amazing! It’s been 3-4 weeks and they still look great. Thank you, Ety!

Megan Geldart

Ive had my lashes down previously by someone else and they were almost gone after 2 weeks. Ety recently did my 3/4D sets and 2 weeks later they look the same! They have lasted my whole holiday and highly recommend Ety for lashes!!

Jasmine Gray

Not only gentle and comfortable, I’m always walking away with a big smile on my face, my lashes looking unbelievably fluffy and beautiful after an appointment with my lovely lash lady Etty. My lashes have lasted over 1 months and are still full! Most quality home salon… thank you so much you have gained yourself a frequent and loyal customer! See you next time xxxxxxx

Brooke Carter

I’ve been putting this review off for a while because I wanted to wait and see what my lashes looked like after a few weeks, it’s now been almost 3 weeks and they still look as good as they did when I walked out etys door!! Honestly they are so light and fluffy, a quick brush in the morning with an eyebrow brush is all they need and they look flawless! Takes me 20 less minutes to get ready for work now because of these lashes, will be back after schoolies for another full set!

Classic/Glamorous Individual $80 - 100
Hybrid (mix classic & Volume3D) $120
Natural Volume Set $130
Russian Volume 3/4D $140
Dramatic Hybrid (mix 2D & volume 4/5D) $150
Russian Volume 6D+ $170
refills (within 2-3 weeks)
Classic Individual $60 - 70
Glamorous individual $70 - 80
Natural Volume / Hybrid $70 - 90
Russian Volume 3-4D/Dramatic Hybrid $80 - 100
Russian Volume 6D+ $100 - 120